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Welcome to

NATIONAL Secondary School


NATIONAL, genuinely academic institution in Kathmandu Valley,extends heartiest welcome to all the web visitors in its official website. We hope this site will be able to provide short glimpse what and how life goes in NATIONAL.

NATIONAL started its academic venture in the name of ‘National Campus’.
Rooted in the legacy of unparalleled commitment to excellence in education, it is owned by Kathmandu Model College (KMC) which has an unbroken progress over the last  sixteen years in the field of education. NATIONAL continues to flourish and reach out to newer and greater height.
With the proactive presence and support of KMC and its qualified, dedicated management team and faculties NATIONAL equips its students to excel in the academic arena.
In recent decades, the corporate world has experienced an increasing demand for effective and efficient people both at home and abroad. Society cries out for dynamic social entrepreneur to spearhead the cause of burning social issues.
NATIONAL is determined to help answer these calls giving the right lead, the right foundation.
Dear visitors,

Greetings on behalf of NATIONAL Secondary School !
We are here to offer the world class holistic education by mixing up the HSEB/NEB syllabus and other supplementary courses in teaching learning pedagogy.
Always supportive and friendly, we do recognize the fact that each student is a unique individual so that such distinctiveness has to be preserved. Having the culture of one to one attention to the students, each student will feel s/he is individually cared for. We want to let them grow in their chosen field with our gentle and delicate care. I, therefore, urge you to take full advantage of opportunities available at NATIONAL for your overall developme
We seek to instill in our students a passion for learning by infusing ethics and values that will bring knowledge and understanding for a positive contribution to the society. We promote high academic standards and expect discipline, decency and devotion from our students too. Equally, we also believe in constructive and constant participation from our guardians.
The teaching faculty comprising highly qualified, well experienced and hard working educators with modern outloook has been ceaselessly working to shape the future of students. Our regular and periodically conducted Tests and Examinations have  helped alot to enhance the competitive skills of the students
I assure you that NATIONAL  will tirelessly deliver need-based, global market-oriented and trend-based knowledge and practices in a balanced way to prepare students to fit into intensely competitive global market with the vision of shaping minds from Greatness to Goodness. Choosing the right educational institute can be a life-changing decision. NATIONAL, with its high quality pedagogy ensures that students will yield a positive return on their investment.

Surendra Subedi

Dear Students and Guardians,
It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you to become a part of KMC Educational Network.
Since its inception as an educational institute in the year 2000 AD, KMC has shown consistently performing well in academic arena not only in +2 level but all level all the level and institutes under it. We'd like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to all the faculty members, staff, members, the guardians, almuni members, and our well-wishers for making KMC a success story.
All the time we strongly believe that academic institutions should grow and develop in keeping with the pace of time, expectation of new generations and need of the society. This sort of academic thrust drove us to establish, develop and run various academic institutions ranging from pre-primary to graduate level education in the stream of Science, Management, Law, Humanities, IT and Engineering under the umbrella of KMC Educational Network. The journey on this path is going on.
In the journey, we decided to lead and manage National Seconday School as a part of KMC Educational Network from the academic session 2072. This new step is an outcome of perennial support and encouragement of our valued parents, guardians, staff, students and well-wishers.
We commit and assure that the  NATIONAL  will be able to create and provide a congenial and academically sound environment, world class infrastructure, competent, hardworking supported by a dedicated team of educators who will cater to value based education to keep up a legacy of excellence.
KMC Educational Network



To develop itself as the center of academic excellence at par with national and international standards by shaping minds from greatness to goodness


To establish itself as a world class learning center inculcating positive attitude, skill, ability and value-based knowledge in students to compete successfully in their chosen disciplines.



- To prepare fully capable knowledge-based students enabling them to pursue higher studies

- To develop socially responsible & result oriented professionals, with scientific approach and outlook

- To provide internationally recognized quality education together with practical knowledge through  business and technical skills and training

- To provide quality education and produce professionals at different levels in all sectors like business, public and governmental and development organizations

 - To increase the level of maturity & power of reasoning in our students



-Proactively recognize and respond to students’ need through one to one attention, small classes, by focusing on each student as an individual.

- Begin by providing quality learning experiences that lead to success.

- Focus on career preparation and emphasize the practical application of learning.

- Foster interpersonal skills of students including self- management leadership, academic integrity and social communication

- Ignite a lifelong love for learning

Initiate and promote discoveries that make the world a better place

- Celebrate and learn from our diversity


Program Offered


NATIONAL imparts the best available +2 program as per the curriculum and syllabus designed by National Examination Board (NEB)/Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB), in Management, Science and Humanities following unique methodology that emphasizes periodic assessment incorporating various tests.
The +2 program at NATIONAL is divided into different subject combinations. Students can choose from these combinations:


Science in +2 is a two years course designed to provide basic understanding and knowledge about the science contents. This stream is often chosen to pursue career in Medical, Engineering and technical fields. The practical component of the course is designed to supplement learning through the application of theory.

Structure of Science Curriculum in Secondary level (Grade 11 and 12)

* In Grade XII the students of Biology Group can take Mathematics as an additional non- credit subject.
Besides the regular classes, we have mixed up Weekly Medical and Engineering Preparation Classes in Grade XI and XII(Science)



Management in Higher secondary level is a course that provides a basic knowledge about the facts & principles of the management, accounting and business. It creates the base for students to pursue their career in management field with managerial responsibilities in all kinds of organizations by empowering them with essential skills to adapt to any situation. Management learning is a continuous, life long process.

Structure of Management Curriculum in Secondary level (Grade 11 and 12)

Besides the curriculum of HSEB/NEB, students get soft skill oriented classes like Presentation Skill Development, Event Mgmt. Training, MS Office Package, Industry Visit.



Humanities is the most comprehensive and extensive domain having a wide range of optional subjects than in other streams to be pursued by students to build their career. It enables students to widen their social horizon and perspective about life. It focuses on the increment of knowledge about life and social surroundings. The basic aim of Humanities is to inculcate human values and norms to make students morally upright and socially responsible.

Structure of Humanities Curriculum in Secondary level (Grade 11 and 12)

Besides the curriculum of HSEB/ NEB, students get soft skill oriented classes like Presentation Skill Development, Event Mgmt. Training, MS Office Package, Industry Visit.

*Students may choose the subjects as per the guidance of Admission Committee




The recently developed Law course in +2 level has extensive scope in the national and international arena. It enables students to gain general understanding about law developed by different school of legal thoughts. It empowers students to make interpretation of various laws essential to comprehend political, administrative, legal sectors.

Structure of Law Curriculum in Secondary level (Grade 11 and 12)


Admission Procedure



Candidates must have SLC / SEE or equivalent education with minimum B+ for Science and C+ for Management, Humanities and Law.


The Admission Committee of the National takes Entrance Test in different programs. The Test will be in subjective and objective form. Students can choose the Handwritten or Computer based model.



Test will be taken in Mathematics, English and General Knowledge.


Test will be taken in Mathematics, English and Science.



NATIONAL provides merit/need based significant number of Scholarships under several titles. Deserving Students may obtain details of scholarship scheme from the college administration


Morning classes is for Management,Humanities and Law.

Day classes is for Science.


NATIONAL takes pride of its own buildings with unique design as a symbol of our commitment to the innovation in the field of education. The squat box-like building and the signature blue framework are elements of pure architectural bliss that will make you forget the eyesore right outside the walls.
The main academic building stands as an example of unparalleled aesthetic genius. Spreading over 12 ropanis of land, it pleasingly overwhelms you by its futuristic architecture towering over expanses of tiled courtyards overlaid with geometrical spaces of green grass. After a brief walk through the comfortably wide parking lot, you are greeted by a modern administrative block followed by an academic service building in a brief distance.
Apart from its aesthetic pleasure, the building is designed as High Earthquake-Resistant. Our Classrooms and labs are wide and spacious, equipped with sufficient modern teaching-learning aids.

The increasing competition in present day education calls for better infrastructure and resources. A strong infrastructure is an important factor in creating an atmoshphere conductive to education. To get our students in the right mood, NATIONAL has made every possible effort, right from the design of the building down to the very last detail.

The 16 classrooms, spacious, well ventilated, enjoying natural lighting and replete with modern décor, naturally, invite and inspire teaching/ learning.

Ample, naturally bright and airy, with plentiful instruments and materials create peace and space for research and learning.

The college provides updated and rich well equipped computer labs with the internet library, again spacious, naturally lit, ventilated, offers high speed broadband lease line connection.

The college provides updated and rich ,library to facilitate the teaching learning process. It has wide collection of textbooks, referrences, periodicals, videos and CD-ROMs, e-library.

To overcome the problems of power shortage in our classroom teaching, and more particularly, in computer lab, NATIONAL has 10 KVA generator which provides uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Simply sober, with French windows breathing sunlight and fresh air and internet hook-up facilities from each of the 80 plus red seats.

Awash with sunlight and equipped with modern technology, colorful furnishings and industry trained staff donning the professional white, Ahaara serves fresh, hot and delightful meals.



Both inside and outside, doing our students proud, a taste of professional work ambience right from campus days.


NATIONAL  owns its own bus to facilitate transportation for it’s students. It provides transportation facility to commute to and from the college at a very reasonable cost.


NATIONAL has its own  hostels separately for boys and girls in the college premise for students who need accommodation.


NATIONAL makes available health care and medical emergencies to its students as and when required.


NATIONAL  assumes the responsibility to help its students avail themselves of additional academic help and support in the form of extra classes with appropriate tutors.


NATIONAL with the help of experienced counselors, provides adequate information on how to excel in study while studying here. Furthermore, we feel our responsibility to provide after study counseling to any students who wishes to study abroad. Students will also be assisted in the documentation process and trained to manage visa interviews.


Growing up means change, physically and emotionally! These changes, sometimes subdued and adjusting but sometimes just turbulent and pressing, need to be handled and handled correctly. How does NATIONAL help? By facilitating counseling with the assistance of experienced and committed counselors!


At NATIONAL, we adopt a participatory method of teaching and learning which demands rigorous participation from both students and teachers. A careful blend of the traditional classroom learning with more contemporary tools & techniques of learning is key to increase overall learning efficiency.


According to the subject demand, group discussions among students are organized frequently so that diverse ideas are shared. The whole process of learning, thus becoming fun, stimulating and meaningful.


Inquisitiveness is highly appreciated at NATIONAL. While students are encouraged to put forward their queries and doubts without hesitation, they are likely to face surprise tests and pop quizzes to test their awareness and focus.


Leading personalities and authorities from various fields are regularly invited to speak to students on a variety of subjects and share from their storehouse of experience and knowledge. These activities inspire students towards professionalism and the desire to take initiatives in life.


Each classroom has multimedia access. Audio visual and other teaching aids are used where required to ensure effective learning.


Students are assigned projects relevant to the course requirement. Project works are always highly demanding as students need to demonstrate their ability to experiment, manage time and practice presentation skills.


As we all know, students need to experience the application of their knowledge in the real world and also get some time off from the monotony of classroom learning. Therefore, we at NATIONAL frequently organize excursions and field trips to enhance practical learning.



ECA/Sports Activities


In the journey from greatness to goodness, structured academic learning is one important goal, but not the final destination. The inculcation of human goodness is the new height, the new peak that beckons and our co-curricular program gives the fitness to reach it.

NATIONAL regularly organizes Creative Writing, Quiz, Debate, Poetry and Essay Writing competition. Besides that it also organizes Leadership, Public Speaking, and Event Management Training to the students for their Personality Development. For those students who are little accustomed to basic computer applications, we run short Basic Computer Course to help them familiarize with applications like word processor, spreadsheet, emails & internet etc.

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